vHP_HomeA guiding principle of modern biophysics is that all life is based on energy and information. The flawless operation of a biological system needs a permanent exchange of energy and information.

We are a bio-resonance technology company who has created a new technology known as “Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication” (EQCCT).  We are extremely proud to be introducing our new clinically proven technology to the market and are always creating different technological applications and focusing on the development for commercialization of  EQCCT to improve the quality of life of humans throughout the utilization of energetic cell information.

What is Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT)?

Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) is a highly effective technology, born over a 20 year period in a scientific study of life…from the beginning of biophysics in its finest, using precision and effectiveness for outstanding results.

  • Energetic The most powerful form of energy is obviously atmospheric energy, energy under transformation = Energetic
  • Quanta (plural) Physical entities involved in any interaction – communication, in physics is measured in Quantum
  • Cymatic A perfect form of communication without possible misleading information and preciseness to the extreme, obvious source and trace
  • Communication Transport of Information

When the technology’s components are conjoined in specifically measured placements and when exposure to a solid material, liquid, or gas the technology communicates natural frequencies that produce a specific desired result.

EQCCT relates to a specific communication of living organisms using natural frequencies (e.g. the earth’s 7.83Hz frequency has a specific frequency pattern) and equivalent patterns (components) to communicate to each other using liquid or fluids as a transport mechanism. EQCCT can be used in or with solids, liquids, gases or vapors.

Specifically, EQCCT helps influence changes in performances. As an example, in some of our applications and tests:

  • When applied to seeds and agricultural watering: EQCCT Allows seeds to germinate stronger with more vigor and uniformity, which improves overall harvest and yields.
  • When applied to cellphone products: Helps humans to deal with the negative effects of cellphone/microwave radiation,
  • When applied to health or sports applications: Helps consumers handle stress, have better endurance, gain more speed when running, gives them the ability to jump higher, to have more strength or to relax or to sleep more soundly, as well as others: circulation, flexibility, recovery and to have better balance to name a few.
  • When applied to alcohol: Molecules change due to the interaction between each other but when EQCT is applied, it promotes the extraction of harsh flavors, aromas and mouth feel producing a smoother more integrated mouth feel and a smooth, flavorful lingering finish. Somewhat like a more aged spirit than which it is. This results in an improvement in taste, aroma, mouth feel and an overall enjoyment in the drinking experience.
  • When applied to cosmetics: Each cell, as a living entity, carries out the basic functions of life, such as extracting energy from the environment and removing waste. Cell-to-cell communication is ubiquitous in the majority of cells and is indispensable for proper development of tissues. Because cells within tissues constantly interact intercellular to coordinate normal tissue functions and homeostasis, EQCCT improves cell signaling and differentiation in interior regions of tissue, so regeneration of larger and more uniform volumes of tissue can take place to keep cells in a homeostatic balance which is essential to aid in the effectiveness of your crèmes and lotions.
  • When applied to fuel: When EQCCT communicates with liquids, vapors or gases EQCCT helps reduce polluting emissions from engines.