• Golfers worldwide spend over $76 billion on golf services and related merchandise.
  • Women alone spend $3 billion on golf equipment
  • $2.2 billion spent annually on golf related gifts alone
  • There are nearly 32,000 golf facilities worldwide
  • 2011 annual golf participation was 25.7 million players in the U.S. 

Supporting Information

Golf is a sport in which the player uses a golf club comprised of a shaft and club head, usually made of titanium, steel, graphite, boron, or steel alloys. The objective of the game is to use the golf club in combination with a golf ball to navigate a course, hitting the ball into a series of holes. The player navigating the course with the fewest strokes is defined as the winner.  The annual number of professional golf fans in 2011 was 111,971,938.

  1-Teeing ground, 2 – Water hazard, 3 – Rough, 4 – Out of bounds, 5 – Sand bunker, 6 – Water hazard, 7 – Fairway, 8 – Putting green, 9 – Flagstick, 10 – Hole

Golf has become a $76 billion industry, with a total impact in golf related revenues on the U.S. economy in 2005 being approximately $195 billion.

Golfer Supplies

In 2011 American golfers spent significant sums on items such as golf balls, golf clubs, golf apparel, and golf books.

In 2011, Americans spent $5.6 billion on golfer supplies. Of this amount, the largest proportion, or $3.5 billion, was spent on equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, and golf bags.

Project Description 

Professional and amateur golfers alike are looking for any edge to propel them to the next level. von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies with its new golf glove device brings the edge golfers have been asking for.  The golf glove has the EQCCT technology incorporated into the golf glove. The golfer will see an increase in the distance at which they can hit a golf ball. The key behind the device is to give the wearer the potential to allow the nerve impulses to reach the muscle fibers innervation threshold faster. Not only is the device used to maximize muscular and neurological functioning but it will also aid in athlete recovery after exhaustive episodes. Initial project design places the golf device within the Velcro fastener at the base of the golf glove. This design does not compromise wearer comfort but it does add the benefit of the EQCCT technology seamlessly into the manufacturing process of the golf glove.


The von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies golf glove device has been third-party tested and validated by professional golfers to increase by an average of 18 yards the distance a player can hit the ball.


Key Business Goals 

  • Increase a players golf performance
  • Increase hittable distance
  • Reduce golf fatigue  

Fundamental Characteristics

  • Device will increase golf performance 
  • Device will be integrated into golf apparel 


Market Benefits

Golf is a sport that encompasses players of all ages and gender. Golf in the United States alone makes up 70% of the market. Imagine the impact of bringing a product directly to the largest golf market worldwide. The new golf device allows any individual playing golf to see an increase in their performance. The sale of golf equipment and apparel depends largely on participation and the number of rounds played per year. Increasing the overall performance of playing golf will improve the number of rounds played, thereby increasing sales and participation. (The U.S. golf association projects 35 million individuals’ golf worldwide.)