Pet Therapy



  • The American Pet Products Association reports that sales for the pet industry in the U.S. are estimated at $55.53 billion for 2013 and that 62% of American households (72.9 million homes) have some kind of pet.
  • Pet parents continue to spend on supplies and over-the-counter medicine thoughtfully. People will continue to spend above and beyond on their pets as the population ages and pets take the place of children at home.
  • Services for pets continue to grow – Pet owners are including their pets in their own lifestyles so visits to the spa, exercise regimes, and pet friendly restaurants have become more common in urban areas.
  • An increased trend and interest in pet health care – Pet lovers continue to require the same treatment options for their pets as they can get for themselves and veterinarians are able to supply it.

Supporting Information:

U.S. Pet Expenditures:

Food $21.26 Billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine $31.21 Billion
Veterinary Care $14.21 Billion
Live Animal Purchases $  2.31 Billion
Pet Services (Grooming, etc.) $  4.54 Billion

U.S. Breakdown of Pets Owned:

Birds   16.2 Million
Cats   86.4 Million
Dogs   78.2 Million
Horses     7.9 Million
Fish (Fresh Water) 151.1 Million
Fish (Salt Water)     8.6 Million
Reptiles     1.3 Million
Small Animals     1.6 Million

Total Number of Pets is 351.3 Million

U.S. Annual Expenses for Cats and Dogs per Pet/Year:



Veterinary (Surgery) $407 $425
Veterinary (Routine) $284 $219
Food $254 $220
Kennel (Boarding) $274 $166
Vitamins $  95 $  43
Travel Expenses $  78 $  48
Grooming $  73 $  34
Food Treats $  70 $  41
Toys $  43 $  21

Data Source: 

Project Description:

von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies, after years of research and development, has created a new technology called Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT) and is introducing new applications for the pet and veterinary markets for:

  • Helping the animal’s well-being
  • Provides relief from pain and arthritis
  • Helps them to recover faster from injury
  • Helps the animals circulation and digestion
  • Many more applications will be developed as the market demands. 

Fundamental Characteristics

Concept: von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies will develop products that will be used under the food trays or dishes which are used to feed animals.

Specific devices for the collar and a device in the form of a “tag”, especially for older animals to help keep them as healthy as possible will be developed.

Specialized Markets:

A specific program and product line will be developed for both the horse and dog racing markets.

The applications for these markets that will be addressed:

  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Strength

Market Potential

May 22, 2013 – It turns out even the deepest recession in decades can’t kill off pet spending.

A new report from the Labor Department shows that while Americans cut back in some types of disposable spending during the nation’s financial crisis, spending on pets held steady and has begun to pick up again.


When reviewing only the potentials of the cat and dog markets in the U.S. which combined have approximately 164,600,000 pets:

  • Selling a product to only 5% of this market equates to 8,230,000 pets
  • Product pricing at $19.95 per unit would generate $164,188,500 in revenues




Von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies is introducing this new applications for the pet and veterinary markets due to the high demand pet owners have in caring for their animals.