• Over 30 million individuals play tennis worldwide
  • Worldwide tennis is a $15 billion a year industry
  • Tennis is considered a “lifetime sport”

Supporting Information:

Tennis is played by individuals of all ages, which is why it is considered a lifetime sport, with most players enjoying the game into their later years. Tennis is played from club teams at the collegiate level including the professional stage. There are approximately 5 million frequent tennis players in the U.S. alone. China has about 14 million players, with over 30,000 tennis courts in use, and boasts a growth rate of about 12% per year since the Olympic Games in Beijing. With such a high interest in the sport of tennis, the market is a $15 billion a year industry worldwide in equipment and apparel sales. The U.S. sales of apparel and equipment are over $6 billion a year while annual sales in China have risen to over $4 billion.

Tennis is a noncontact sport that is played between either two players or two teams of two players. The objective of the sport is to use a racket in conjunction with a tennis ball, hitting the ball over a net in such a manner that the opposing player does not have the ability to return the ball.

Tennis is scored through games, sets and match. A game consists of the server wining four points, beating the opponent by a margin of at least two points. A set is a sequence of games in which you alternate serve. Typically, a set is won when the player wins six games by a margin of two games to win the set.  A match is determined through a best of three or best of five-set system. The player who wins two sets in a best of three or three sets in a best of five wins the match.

Project Description:

Tennis players continuously undergo fatigue and lack of endurance from such a demanding sport. The von Hoffmann & Partner tennis device was designed with the player in mind, giving the athlete the ability to enjoy increased endurance and enhanced, peaked concentration and strength.

Dedicated to working with the athlete and giving the increased performance all athletes’ desire, our tennis device brings a whole new level to the tennis experience. Initial testing of the tennis device has placed the product in two key areas on the athlete’s body. The first contact point with the athlete will be utilized through a wristband. The wristband gives the increased strength and focus an athlete needs while playing a sport heavily dependent on hand eye coordination.

Not only does the wristband serve as a highly effective device transport medium, wristbands are widely used to reduce the amount of undesired perspiration released from the athlete’s body. Incorporating the von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies device within the wristband will be widely accepted and immediately impactful.

The second contact point with the athlete will be made through a sock(s). Imbedding the device into the sock(s) of the athlete gives the advantage of comfort and utility through a clothing article that is seldom unused. The increased endurance and reduced convalescence while playing tennis gives the athlete(s) increased ability to perform at their highest possible level.


The von Hoffmann and Partner tennis device has been third party tested and validated by today’s professionals, and market leaders. Testing and product development is ongoing.

Figure A: Initial concept design worn by athlete 


Key Business Goals 

  • Increased endurance
  • Enhanced strength
  • Reduced convalescence after exhaustive episodes

Fundamental Characteristics

  • Device will improve wearer’s athletic ability.
  • Device will be implemented into wristbands as well as socks.

Market Benefits 

Delivering a product, which will directly impact the performance of an athlete, will not only affect the tennis market but also change the way the sport of tennis is played. With about 5 million frequent tennis players in the U.S. alone providing a product that the consumer will consider a necessity is going to expand the market dramatically. As the tennis device is introduced, brand specific products may also be considered a worthy avenue. Competitor brands will require a product with the von Hoffmann & Partner technology, enhancing the athlete and the overall value of their existing brand. Through driving consumers to new athletic levels and increasing the profitability of the sport, von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies device will prove to be a fixture in the development of the sport of tennis.